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APEC 2015 SOM2 opens in Boracay

SOM2 family photo

The APEC 2015 Second Senior Officials Meeting (SOM2) opened in Boracay on May 20, 2015. During the two-day meet, senior officials are expected to report on the progress of agreed work plans and projects discussed at the SOM1 held last February; and to discuss, review, and build on the initiatives and recommendations of the working group meetings held earlier this May.

Delegates. Upper row, from left to right: Mr. Tai Chu Chou of Chinese Taipei; Mr. Thanatip Upatising of Thailand; Mr. Yuri Thamrin of Indonesia; Mr. Toshiyuki Sakamoto of Japan (METI); Mr. Ark-Boon Lee of Singapore; Mr. Valery Sorokin of Russia; Mr. Alan Bollard of the APEC Secretariat; Mr. Taeho Lee of Korea; Mr. Ferdinand Cui of the Philippines, and SOM Vice Chair; Mr. Brendan Berne of Australia; Mr. Tatsuo Sato of Japan (MOFA); Mr. Robert Shiao Wang of the United States of America; Mr. Antonio Basilio of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council; Mr. Ivan Pomaleu of Papua New Guinea. Bottom row, from left to right: Mr. Carlos Pinera of Mexico; Mr. Mak Ching Yu of Hong Kong; Ms. Quynh Mai Pham of Vietnam; Ms. Paulina Nazal of Chile; Ms. Susan Gregson of Canada; Mr. Raul Salazar-Cosio of Peru; Ms. Laura del Rosario, PH Foreign Affairs Undersecretary and SOM Chair; Mr. Tan Jian of China; Ms. Alison Mann of New Zealand; Ms. Doris Magsaysay-Ho of the APEC Business Advisory Council; Ms. Datin Che Mazui Che Wook of Malaysia; Mr. Dato Lim Jock Hoi of Brunei; Mr. Cerefino Rodolfo of the PH Department of Trade and Industry.

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