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Welcome message of OIC-Secretary Zenaida Monsada at the EMM welcome dinner

EMM Usec. Monsada
File photo

Energy Ministers’ Meeting Dinner

October 13, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Cebu, Philippines

OIC-Secretary Zenaida Monsada

Welcome Message

After two days of being with all of the Energy Leaders in the Asia Pacific, I am more than honored working with the Energy Ministers, Delegates, Members of the Diplomatic corps, the Business Sector and the Media, of course the Local Government Unit of Cebu–who hosted our dinner last night, our partners in trade and commerce. Our dearest friends, colleagues from the DOE and my DOE family, ladies and gentlemen, I wish you all a pleasant evening.

For the past two days, we have crafted a holistic approach towards our economies’ respective energy developments by considering resource sustainability, environmental effects, people’s welfare, as well as the stability of APEC Member Economies. In this line, I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to everyone for institutionalizing our ideals as economies agreed to the Cebu Declaration. Also, allow me to extend my deepest congratulations to Mandaue City for being the Low Carbon Model Town for this year, which will revel in studies to stimulate low carbon living.

On behalf of the entire Philippine Energy Sector, we can only thank you so much for the dynamism and vigor you have shown for the 12th EMM. We can assure you that the Filipino people will continue to impart, not just our happy faces, but our enduring optimism, and strong faith to move forward towards realizing our goals for this one APEC Community so that in the end, it is not just more fun in the Philippines; it is more fun in Asia-Pacific!

To somehow match your fervent commitment to the APEC Community, we have prepared a traditional delight showcasing the Philippine culture through dances and songs for you to relish as we savor the night. In fact, home grown talents from Cebu will also be part of tonight’s spectacle. So, for those who were not there last night, here’s a chance for you to see some of our Cebu talents.

Apart from these, we also want you to enjoy the best of the Philippines, particularly of Cebu. This is why we have included a Heritage Tour tomorrow to give you a glimpse of the historical and scenic tourist spots in Cebu, which I personally believe you all will enjoy. These are our ways to simply express gratitude to all you.

Yet, please don’t forget that there is still more that our country can offer. We hope to see you more often in the Philippines, not just for business, but even for pleasure, because we are definitely willing to serve you with greater zeal and enthusiasm every time.

Again, have an engaging and wonderful evening! Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

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