Atome Credit Full Review 2020

Last Updated: 01/12/2020

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Interest Rate: 0,14% – 0,9% per day
Max Loan Amount: up to ₱ 10000
Tenure: from 91 to 120 days


Having access to short term loans has never been this simple, fast and easy. Numerous loan providers are available to you, but you need a reliable and trustworthy loan provider that gives you the loan amount you need at each point in time. Look no further, this Atome Credit Review will guide you on how to use the Atome loan to solve all your financial emergencies.

They have a fast convenient, secure and safe loan service platform. You can start your loan application process today, by simply downloading their app and provide all necessary information and documents during the sign-up process.

Why You Should Choose Atome Credit (Kredit Pintar, PH)

Atome Credit is a product of Neuroncredit Financing Company, Inc., a reputable FinTech company which is a subsidiary of Neuroncredit Pte Ltd (Singapore). The company has been in existence in the microfinance industry since 2015. Be rest assured that the best professionals who manage the company have your interest at heart.

The company is reputed for its use of artificial intelligence in providing faster, safer and better financial services to its customers. Their website and app are easy to use. Once you start your application process for your required loan, be rest assured that you’d receive a positive response within 48 hours if you provide all the required documents.


Atome Credit Loan Requirements

Just like all other short term loan providers, Atome Credit (Kredit Pintar) has its loan requirements. Note that they aren’t different from your regular requirements when filling out other official documents. Here are some key requirements you must fulfill to get quick loans from them.

  • You must be a resident of the Philippines.
  • You must be aged between 18 and 55.
  • You must have a phone that has an internet connection, preferably an Android phone.
  • You must download the Atome app.
  • You must have an official ID, preferably government-issued ID (e.g. driver’s license, international passport, UMID, etc.)

Once you’ve fulfilled these requirements, then you can proceed with the application process to get your required loan amount anytime you want.

Another important thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that the loan application process differs from customer to customer and a lender may request more information about their customers.

This may depend on several factors. Some of the other information they might require to process your loan may include; utility bills, payslips, proof of address, etc.

How Your Atome Credit Loan Interest Is Calculated

This is one of the many reasons why customers prefer the Atome Credit loan. Their interest rate is quite low and very easy for you to calculate. Though as a first-time customer, you tend to pay a little bit more than a repeat customer. The more loans you request over time, the lower will be your interest rate when compared to the interest paid by a new customer.

Ensure that you send this Atome Credit Review to your colleagues at the office. The company’s policy for paying some of the fees accrued to its loyal customers helps boost its financial services rating amongst its customers.

Atome Credit Application Process

At one loan application process is quite easy to follow you can be through with your application process within a few minutes.

Atome Credit Review

You can download your Atome app from the Google PlayStore. After you’ve downloaded the app, you can begin your loan application process. As a new customer applying for a loan from Atome, you can follow these steps to request your loan now.

  1. Open the app and register by entering your phone number and password. Be sure to use a phone number that is duly registered in your name.
  2. Verify your phone number by entering the unique code sent to your number via SMS.
  3. Once you’ve entered the code sent to your number, allow the phone to have access to your information.
  4. After you’re done with the shortcode sent to you, be sure to fill out your data correctly. You’ll be required to enter your name, gender, email address, education, date of birth, family information, etc.
  5. You’ll also be required to enter your work or business data. These include; employment status, position, name of employer, income, contact details, etc.
  6. After you’re done filling out your work data, you’d be asked to enter your bank account details.
  7. Choose the ID type you have and submit a photo of the ID.
  8. You’ll be required to take a selfie with the ID you submitted.

This process should take between 10 and 15 minutes. You can check your loan application status in the app. After all your details have been verified, you’d receive your loan through the preferred means of disbursement you chose.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust the Atome Credit loan?
The Atome Credit (Kredit Pintar) loan process has been reviewed by many customers as one of the best. Their application process is easy and straight forward.

Also, their app is easy to navigate and secured. The company’s activities are well regulated by the SEC and the DTI of the Philippines. So you have nothing to fear. Be sure to use their service and give an honest review to help other people make sound financial decisions too.

Can I repay my loan before the deadline?
It is greatly encouraged that once you’ve got the money to pay back for the loan you borrowed be sure to pay back. Atome Credit loan provider recalculates and reduces the interest rates when you pay before the due date.

Can I extend the loan duration?
In case you haven’t gotten the funds to pay for your loan, contact Atome Credit and inform them beforehand of your financial situation. But you must be proactive in paying back your loan because there are additional costs incurred in delaying repayment of your loan.

How do I access a higher loan amount?
After you’ve activated the Atome Credit loan and you repay your loan in due time, you’d build your credit rating and thereby having access to the higher loan amount. This will help you to solve more of your financial emergencies.

Contact Customer Service

Remember you can always contact the Atome customer service representatives about your concerns and challenges. They’re specially trained to address all your inquiries about the loan application process.

Address: 16F, The Centerpoint, Julia Vargas corner Garnet Road, Brgy. San Antonio, Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines, 1605
Phone: (02) 5318-7800


When you choose to use the Atome Credit to get a loan to solve your financial emergencies, be rest assured that the company got you covered. Their loan is fast, safe and convenient for everyone. Be sure to share this the Atome Credit Review with your friends and family and help them get their desired loan amount without hassles.