Fast Cash Loan in the Philippines – Top Companies with Quick Approval for 2020

Last Updated: 01/12/2020
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MoneyCat - Best Offers From the APEC Loans
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for 2,5% per day
₱ 1000 - 20000
from 14 to 28 days
Online Loans Pilipinas - Best Offers From the APEC Loans
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for 1% per day
₱ 1000 - 20000
from 7 to 30 days

Everyone takes out loans at some point in their lives, the rich and poor alike, students and workers, employed and unemployed. Life is full of unexpected turns and you never know what contingencies may spring up out of the blue. In such situations, a quick cash loan could be your saving grace.

There are many types of lending institutions that have been in operation for as far back as history lets us recall. Banks, loan sharks, and pawn shops are the most common.

Banks take many days to get approval and require cumbersome paperwork; Loan sharks have ridiculously-high interest rates and are not very lenient with defaulters; Pawn shops take possession of valuable belongings in exchange for a loan, and there is no guarantee that you will retrieve it in the same condition you had left it.

Your best bet is a fast cash loan and here at APEC Loans, we provide you with a detailed guide on how to choose the best online lender for your needs.

What Is A Fast Cash Loan?

Just as the name suggests, a fast cash loan is one that can be gotten very quickly, usually within a day. From the time of application to the loan being credited to your account, it takes just about 24 hours and eliminates the hassle of complex loan documentation.

Fast cash loan in the Philippines -

Fast cash loan in the Philippines has become the go-to for many people in urgent financial need. These loan-lenders are financial institutions specifically set up to offer financial services of this type in the shortest amount of time and with greater ease than traditional mediums.

Fastest Loan Approval In The Philippines

Most loans take time to receive confirmation and sometimes certain situations do not allow us that liberty. If you have to wait 3-5 days to solve a very urgent problem, there is logically no need to accept that solution. Online lenders are particularly popular because they guarantee fast loan approval in the Philippines.

According to financial guru Suze Orman, “A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what if’s of life”.

With quick cash loan online in the Philippines, you do not need to fret in the face of financial emergencies, because with just a few steps, you can promptly remedy the situation.

Quick Cash Loan Online In The Philippines?

There has never existed a more convenient means of obtaining a loan. Online lenders offer some of the best loan terms:

  • Quick and efficient loan application remotely
  • Up to PHP 20,000 loan disbursement
  • Repayment period of 7 to 30 days
  • Very minimal interest rate
  • No paperwork required
  • Fast loan approval within 24 hours

Where Can I Get A Quick Cash Loan In The Philippines?

Quick loans in the Philippines have become pivotal in keeping the balance in the economy, especially among low-income members of the community. These loans are within everyone’s reach because no matter where you are, be it Manila, Cebu City or Batangas, with a mobile device and an internet connection, you can access a quick cash loan in the Philippines.

Applying For Quick Loans In The Philippines

Online lending platforms offer indiscriminate loans, that is, they offer loans irrespective of the purpose of the loan. Traditionally, business loans are only for business entrepreneurs, salary loans are only for salary earners, personal loans are only for huge personal investments such as a holiday trip, remodeling of a house, buying a car, etc.

The common people were not taken into consideration so there was no place for them until the onset of instant cash loan online platforms.

The greater majority of the masses in the Philippines consist of low to average income earners, who need cash to round up on feeding expenses towards the end of the month, pay emergency hospital bills or repair a broken gadget. Such needs weren’t provided for previously, but now with fast cash lending services, these needs are no longer cause for worry.

Getting A Quick Loan In The Philippines

The process of getting a quick loan in the Philippines involves four simple steps:

  1. Pick the online lender of your choice
  2. Go to the lender website or download the relevant mobile app
  3. Fill the online form, input account details, and any other information
  4. Choose the loan amount
  5. Apply and wait for a reply

Why Take A Quick Loan Online?

Certain people have an aversion to borrowing money.

In the words of Nathan Morris, “Every time you borrow money, you are robbing your future self”

, and this is the belief of some individuals. This fear is not unfounded because it is a fact that you have to repay the loans you take out as well as the interest that they incur.

This aversion is fueled by the difficult repayment terms offered by most loan institutions. That is not the case for quick cash loan online lenders as we have seen in the previous paragraph.

Think of borrowing money, not in the concept of future liability, but rather consider it a tool to advance from your current situation. If you need cash fast in the Philippines, your best option is to take a quick loan online.

You can choose from various online lenders, review the amount, interest and repayment terms and finally select the offer that best suits you.

Reliable Fast Loan In The Philippines

There are many online lenders and among them are those that are not reliable.

Any fast cash lending service that asks you to make an initial deposit, visit the lender’s office or provide a co-signer, may not be trustworthy.

Online lenders who place unreasonable interest rates on their fast loan in the Philippines should be avoided as well.

It is important to look before you leap; ensure that you are well-informed about who you are borrowing from. Here at APEC Loans, we make it a priority to only recommend online fast loan lenders that are dependable and have been proven to be very reliable.

Criteria For An Instant Cash Loan In The Philippines

To be eligible for a loan, you have to meet the minimum requirements.

  • Be an adult between 18 to 60 years
  • Be a citizen of the Philippines
  • Own a bank card from an accredited banking institution

As earlier mentioned, there is no paperwork required to get an instant cash loan in the Philippines. All you need to provide is your bank details together with your personal and contact information. The lender through this data can perform a credit check to see your credit history and determine how much you are eligible for.

Quick cash loan online in the Philippines

Customers with bad credit scores are not left out either, they can still get fast cash in the Philippines. Most instant loan online lenders offer you the chance to collect small loans and build up from there.

Limitations Of Fast Loan Online

We now know that fast loan online lenders are very quick and efficient, they do not require complex documentation or any form of guarantee, however, there are some restrictions:

They do not offer large amounts

These loans do not require guarantors, co-signers or collateral so there is a limit to the amount that can be accessed through online lending platforms.

The repayment period is short

This is pretty much self-explanatory, smaller loans are given shorter credit periods and larger loans are given larger repayment periods.

You have to start small and build up to the maximum available amount

Once again, because quick loans eliminate a huge chunk of the due diligence, lenders prefer to start from the minimum amount for first-time customers and subsequently increase the credit amount with each successful repayment.

These restrictions are reasonable because the nature of a fast cash loan in the Philippines is to cater to small to medium-sized emergences.

Credit Conditions For Quick Cash Loans In The Philippines

A major advantage of quick cash loans in the Philippines is that you can choose your credit conditions. From the loan options available to you, you can decide the credit period and the credit amount you wish to apply for.

The repayment period is also adjustable; if you can settle the loan earlier, the credit use rate will be adjusted accordingly, the same applies if you request for a postponement of the repayment period with the lender.

Why We Recommend Online Lenders In The Philippines

At APEC Loans, we strongly recommend online lenders as the best way to get quick cash in the Philippines. They are efficient and reliable. They are also well regulated by financial bodies and borrowers can rest assured that their information is safe.

All these from the comfort of your home and with very little effort on your part. Not to mention that they boast the fastest loan approval in the Philippines.

We invite you to try out online lending the next time you need cash fast in the Philippines.


How much can I borrow from an online lender?
Fast loans in the Philippines can go up to PHP 20,000. Most lenders will offer you up to a maximum of PHP 10,000 on your first loan depending on your credit history. Those with a bad credit score will have to start from the minimum amount. You will be able to borrow progressive amounts as you grow with the lender.

Can I borrow an instant loan in the Philippines if I am unemployed?
Yes, you can. Although the majority of online lenders require proof of employment, some online lenders offer quick loans to those who are unemployed as long as you meet the basic requirements of being at least 18 years old, a citizen or legal resident of the Philippines and in possession of a valid bank card.

How do I know that my loan has been granted?
You will receive a confirmation from the lender, either by phone call, text message or email to let you know that the loan has been granted. Due to the fast loan approval in the Philippines, you should expect this within a few hours.

Can I postpone my repayment date?
Yes, you can, depending on the lender you borrow from. Not all fast cash lending services in the Philippines have this option in their loan terms. Ensure that you borrow from one that includes this option to avoid getting a negative credit score.