More trade, employment for Filipinos after APEC

More trade, employment for Filipinos after APEC

Vibrant trade relations are expected to create employment opportunities for more Filipinos following the successful 2015 APEC Leaders’ Meeting which the Philippines hosted last week.

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“The bilateral meetings of the Philippines with Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Russia, and the United States of America, resulted [in the] identification of potential investment areas and employment opportunities, as well as continued stronger trade relations [and] export opportunities for Philippine products and services with these APEC member-economies,” said employment secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz.

Staring off with Australia, potential investments include processed food and agribusiness, IT-BPM, engineering services, infrastructure and other private-public partnership (PPP) projects, auto parts exports, and manufacturing.

“We see the Philippines exhibiting healthy export trade relations with Australia for its paper and paperboard products, semi-manufactured forms of gold, lead acid for starting piston engines, heat exchange units, and static converters (e.g., rectifiers),” she said.

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– From the Department of Labor and Employment

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