Online Loans Pilipinas – Get Your Loan from 2000 to 20000 PHP in the Philippines Now!

Last Updated: 10/12/2019

Online Loans Pilipinas - Lender Review

Interest Rate: for 1% per day
Max Loan Amount: ₱ 2000 – 20000
Tenure: from 7 to 30 days


Most people spend money based on the monthly budget that they make each month. The salary is used to pay the bills and all the other expenses are made using the monthly salary. What if any unexpected financial problem arises and you have to find a quick solution to deal with it? You must be seeking some way to get rid of this trouble.

Where to do? Who to ask for help? These questions strike the mind in such emergency situations. APEC Loans has the right option for you to know how to get out of this financial crisis. You can apply for a loan to handle this situation.

There are many lenders in the market who offer online loans on simple terms. If you are seeking such easy loans, then Online Loans Pilipinas is the best option for you.

Online Loans Pilipinas: Convenience and Speed

Online Loans Pilipinas is an online platform for the people in the Philippines who seek loans for financial support. This firm has been in this business for many years and has provided loans to many customers in the Philippines.

Online Loans Pilipinas - Company details, reviews, etc.

We are always available to meet your financial needs and help you get out of financial troubles as early as possible.

Why Choose Online Loans Pilipinas?

People take loans for their needs, and this system is very common. You will find many lenders around you, which offer large and small loans to the customers. But, Online Loans Pilipinas is not a typical money lender.


Emergency loans

Online Loans Pilipinas can better understand the urgent need of money in case of an unexpected financial crisis. You don’t have to follow the bank hours at all. The company’s entire system is based on online services and it is always willing to offer quick loans. People seeking emergency loans can apply today and get the money in a short time period.

Quick Transaction

The company strongly discourages long waiting times to make transactions. When you apply for a loan, you want to receive the money as soon as possible. Transactions are processed quickly and do not cause any delay. As soon as your loan application gets approved, the systems process the transaction.

Transparent loan details

Online Loans Pilipinas provides clear and transparent terms and conditions to the customers. The company always aspires to win the customers’ trust. The loan terms are simple and devoid of any complexities. Such transparent details enable customers to select the most suitable loan for their needs.

Customer Support

Customer support is always dedicated to providing information to callers. It does not matter whether you are a new borrower or an existing one. The company’s customer support team is always willing to answer all sorts of queries related to loans.

Instant Approvals

You must fulfill all the requirements to qualify for the loan. If you fulfill all the requirements, then it won’t take long to get approval from us. The company offers quick loan approvals.

Easy loan

This platform does not restrict borrowers who seek small loans. You can apply for a loan of a huge amount of money or a small loan. There is a minimum loan amount that is mandatory for the borrower to apply for. This limit is low and easy to fulfill for all sorts of customers.


Online Loans Pilipinas has been in this lending business for many years and holds years of experience in offering online loans to the borrowers. The online platform is trustworthy and has a loyal customer base. The company would love to see more dedicated customers.

Trust is everything in business. If you develop trust in the lender, you can build a lifelong relationship for future loans.

The process of obtaining a loan

The process for the loan application is easy and convenient. You don’t need to follow any complex procedure while using Online Loans Pilipinas for the loans. Follow the below- mentioned steps to apply for the loan:

  1. Complete the online loan application form on the company website. The form is easy and requires only simple information.
  2. Submit the application and wait for the approval call.
  3. After the approval of the online loan application by the lender, your transaction will begin and you will receive the money within 24-48 hours.


What is the repayment procedure?

Repayment methods are also very convenient and simple for borrowers. You can visit any payment partner branch for the repayment and fill all the required information in the bill payment form. After filling the form, you can make the payment right away.

You can also opt for online repayment as well. This repayment method is quite fast. You can use DragonPay to make the payment. You will receive the instructions for the repayment through SMS and E-mail as well.

Keep in mind that you should take care and use the correct reference number while repaying your loans.

Contact customer service

The company always welcomes customer inquiries. If you feel the need to contact a customer representative, don’t hesitate. Customer representatives are always available to hear from you. You can choose any of the following ways to contact Online Loans Pilipinas.

Address: Unit 1402-06 14th Floor Tycoon Centre, Pearl Drive, San Antonio, Pasig City
Phone: (02) 5322-1000


Do you have any partnerships with this lending company?
No. This platform is meant to provide the information to the borrowers who want to look for reliable lenders. We are not partners with any lender.

Is your information trustworthy?
The information we provide is genuine and collected with proper research. You can view the user reviews to know more about the services of the lenders.

How can I contact the lender?
The contact information of the lending company is mentioned above. You can call the lending company or contact them through their website.

Is the service available 24/7?
Yes, the lending services of this company are available 24/7. You can contact the lenders for more information.