Student Loan In The Philippines: Get Money For Educational Needs!

Last Updated: 10/12/2019
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Education is a right that everybody has, and many people find it difficult to afford educational expenses. Not all parents can afford the educational expenses through their monthly salaries. They spend most of their salary on other household needs and the educational expenses become difficult to bear. What to do in such situations?

Are you a student who studies in the daytime and works a part-time job in the evening to bear all the educational expenses? Do you find it difficult to pay your college fee from your salary? Are you looking for a reliable source that can offer you financial support?

Apply for the educational loan in the Philippines to find a permanent solution to this problem. Your loan can help you fulfill your educational needs. You can make payments on a regular basis to repay the entire loan. APEC Loans offers you the required information about the lending companies who offer loans for such students in the Philippines.

Student loan in the Philippines

What is the need for an educational loan in the Philippines?

There are many reasons that play their role in making educational expenses more difficult to bear. Everyone has a different lifestyle and the needs vary accordingly. You can apply for the loan to bear the educational expenses without any further financial issues.

The following can be one of your reasons for applying for a student loan in the Philippines:

Expensive tuition

If you or any of your family members are getting a higher education, then the tuition fees for that would be very high. Many colleges offer a good education but demand high fees. Students enrolled in such colleges want to pursue their education.

If you don’t want to end your education at that point so as not to waste all your hard work, there is a way out. Such a difficult situation may lead you to get a loan to pay for your education in the Philippines.

Budget misuse

It may be the case that you always had enough salary and budget to handle the educational expenses, but this time you have misused the budget. Some other expenses may have caused this situation to you.

This misuse has caused you to lose your financial stability for the time being. You cannot wait for the next salary in this case. People get student loans in the Philippines for such financial issues.

Loss of job

The worst case could be that may have lost your current job, and this has landed you in such a stressful problem. Having a regular monthly income ensures that you bear most of your expenses without any external help.

But, if the same job is not there anymore, it can lead you to apply for a tuition fee loan in the Philippines.

Unexpected expenses

Sometimes it happens that you plan everything well for the month. Everything is well-managed to avoid any financial problem. All the educational dues are paid on time. But, some unexpected problem comes out of nowhere and your entire budget gets disturbed.

The money that was supposed to go for the educational expenses now may be spent to deal with the situation. Various student loans are available for such situations.

Business loss

You may be a businessman and your children study in one of the finest and the most expensive colleges. But your business faces a serious setback and you face a big loss.

Bearing the educational expenses in such a case will surely be difficult by all means. The educational dues are there, but there is not enough money to fulfill them. Loans are considered an option in such a case as well.

Which lending company to choose for student loans in the Philippines?

Now comes the main part. You are having trouble paying for your educational expenses and need a quick solution. APEC Loans has brought the features that you can look for while choosing the right lending company for your loan:

Simple application process

Educational loans are mostly acquired to pay the college or school fees, and there is always a deadline to meet. You cannot waste your time on complex application processes at all.

If you apply for a loan at a bank, then you would be stuck in a complex process with a lot of waiting time. What could be done in this situation? Where to find a simple process for student loans?

You can apply for the loan through the online lending companies. The application process that these companies offer is way too simple and convenient. You don’t need to get into any complexities for the loan approval. They also provide you with proper guidance in case of any query.

Rapid transaction

Once your loan gets approved, there remains nothing to cause any delay in getting the loan money. Your educational fee deadline may be approaching and you don’t want to be stuck with a prolonged waiting period for the transaction to complete. This is where online lending platforms are way better than banks.

You should opt for the platform that offers quick financial transactions as soon as the approval goes through. Wasting your time with the lenders that spend days to process the money is a useless option. You need money in an emergency and getting it quickly must be the right option.

Simple requirements and terms

Every lending company has a certain set of terms, which you should agree with. It is a mandatory part of the loan policy that you agree with the defined terms. But, what if the terms are too harsh for you? What if you want quick money, but the terms are not favorable for you? What could be worse than this situation!

Educational loan in the Philippines -

To get rid of such a situation in the first place, you should never choose the lending company that offers student loans in the Philippines on strict terms.

The terms of the lending company should be flexible and you should be able to discuss the terms with the lender. Mutual agreement on the terms keeps the relationship smooth.

Trustworthy lender

There is nothing ahead of trust when it comes to lending money. You can apply for a loan according to your needs. But your loan will be accepted only if you are able to build the trust. The same goes for the lender also.

You should choose the lending company that you can trust. Without trust, the matters could become worse in the later stages of the relationship.

You should look for a long-term relationship with the lender. A single loan can turn into multiple loans in the future. Trust between the lender and borrower is necessary for long-lasting relationships.

Lower interest rates on tuition fee loan in the Philippines

Higher interest rates are never appreciated by the borrowers. You will find many lenders who offer loans but at a very high interest rate. Getting such loans may be an unwise decision to make. You should opt for a lending company that puts a low interest rate on the loan.

How to repay student loans in the Philippines?

Every lending company has a different payment procedure that the clients have to follow. You will have to do the same. Carefully read the repayment method of your lending company and make payments accordingly. Most lenders use the following two payment procedures:

  • DragonPay Payment
  • Bank Transfer

For the bank transfer, you may require the payment order. You can get the payment order from the lender. In the case of DragonPay payment, the entire payment is processed online. Your lending company will provide you with the payment partners through which you can make payments.

How to get a student loan in the Philippines?

If you have chosen the lending company that offers quick loan and uses the online platform for the loan application processing, then the following steps will be followed to apply for the loan:

  1. Go to the lending company website and apply for the loan online.
  2. Shortly after the submission of the application, you will receive a confirmation call about the loan approval.
  3. You will receive the loan money within the defined timeline.


Can I get a loan after I continue the cancelled application?
In most cases, you will be required to resubmit the loan application. But this matter depends on the lender. If a lender allows you to continue with the cancelled application, then you can surely get the loan without any resubmission.

What if I didn’t receive the confirmation email?
Mostly, the confirmation mail is sent as soon as the application gets approved. You can contact the respective lender for this issue.

How would I know whether I can qualify for the loan or not?
You can check the requirements section on the website of the respective lender to check your eligibility.

Can I check my application status?
No, you cannot check your application status. Actually, you won’t require it as the application process is very fast and the rejection or approval is done immediately and the client is notified right away.